MMM is over! It’s always a relief to be done wit the daily photos, but sad to lose the sense of community. 

So how did I do? As you probably are sick of hearing, my pledge was to wear me-mades every day, specifically wearing shades from this self-assigned palette of my favourite colours. 

Colour Palette for MMM '13



3/9 colours, MM Pendrell blouse and refashioned cardigan. 

This top is lovely to wear, but BRRRR! The challis lets every draft through! Definitely better for warmer days!



A new dress! 6/9 colours. Woot! Thanks to the input from the Flickr group, I’m going to shorten this a few inches to make it sassier.



Interview day! MM Truffle skirt and Pendrell blouse. I’ll find out by late June if the interview was successful!



4/9 colours, MM two-tone Sorbetto (heavily redrafted to be more like a Wicksten tank!) This top is a bit snug, but I like the concept… I should get cracking on a better-fitting version! 



2/9 colours, MM Truffle dress. Finally we had proper summer temperatures! I love this dress – it’s one of the last fitted, fully-lined woven dresses that I made last year before I started getting into knits! Now I’m so used to quick projects that a dress like this seems like a lot of work, so I’m grateful that past-me put in the effort! 



The end! 3/9 colours, and a fully-me made, Zoe-inspired outfit: Red capris, Maria of Denmark cowl, and Fimo necklace! 

And now it’s done! I really enjoyed the colour palette component of the challenge. It was just enough to make me really think about my outfits in the morning, but not so hard that it was a burden! 

Here are the colours I wore: 

MMM graph final

  • Lots of white, which makes sense because I like patterns that balance bright colours with neutrals.
  • Lots of navy, which includes jeans. 
  • Not nearly as much Emerald or Fuschia as I would have predicted! Now I’m motivated to shop for some fabric in these colours and work them into my wardrobe more.
  • A year ago I didn’t wear coral, and now it’s a major part of my wardrobe! Proof that trends do influence my colour choices!

So are these the right colours? Yeah, I think so! I do tend to wear lighter shades of these colours in summer, but still the same shades. One change is needed though…

MMM new colour palette

Purple! I’ve got a fair bit of RTW clothing in this colour, and I like it. Time to sew with it too! 

As for MMM itself, I loved it. Thank you so much to the amazing people on Flickr and here on my blog, who made every morning a little more fun! I’ll miss waking up to compliments! 😛 I loved seeing how other people dressed every day, and stealing style inspiration. It motivated me to think about shoes and accessories a little more, and to try out some new-to-me colour combinations and styles. 

Since June started I’ve worn me-mades both days, but enjoyed the sense of “rebelling” by wearing non-palette colours! Heck, I might even wear RTW tomorrow! Well, maybe…

Thanks for sticking through this long post, and a month of navel-gazing!

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