Look, Ma! No Sewing!

For once, I’m going to post about a crafty thing that’s not sewing! I used to do lots of other things… needle felting, embroidery, cross-stitch, making jewelery… but in the last 18 months sewing clothes has almost completely taken over! This month in Me-Made May I’ve been getting the yearning for some new accessories though, so last weekend I busted out my jewelery supplies and got making!

Years ago I won a prize of a whole bunch of Fimo polymer clay, so i decided it was time to use it! (I won it when i was working at Girl Guides of Canada National office… not enough people had entered a Fimo competition in our magazine, so my bosses asked a bunch of us to submit some things to make it look better! I ended up with about $100 worth of Fimo.


Have you ever used Polymer clay? It’s a hard plasticy clay that you mix, shape and then bake to harden.  I used as a kid to make dollhouse food and hideous 80’s earrings… Something I was keen to avoid this time! I’ve been pinning ideas for a while, so it was time to give it a try! 

Jewelery Collage with text

I ended up with 5 or 6 necklaces, and a bunch of beads left over… i forgot how fun it is to tinker around with beads! Nothing can really go wrong – you can always rip it apart and try again! Like sewing though, it’s deceptively expensive… I ended up spending $35 at the bead store just to get some pliers, beads, and some findings to stick everything together! Then I went to the cheap accessories store in the mall, and walked about with 3 necklaces for $10. Hmm. Hardly worth making my own! 

I did have fun though, and it was great to try my hand at a hobby I haven’t done in a while! Do you have any hobbies that sewing has replaced? Do you dig them up from time to time? Lots of people seem to balance knitting and sewing… or baking and sewing… What else?

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