Oh man – so close to the end! I have heaps of clothes left to wear though… I”m hoping the weather stays nice for the next week so I can wear my summer favourites! 

Let’s do this. 



2/9 colours, MM red capris and tee. I’m happy to report that these pants have loosened up a bit with wear and are now less indecently tight! 🙂 



3/9 colours, MM Tiramisu. Now that I’m wearing my Tiras without a long winter coat, I’m finding that the wind can lift up my skirt and flash the world very easily! Anyone else find this with full skirts? (Besides Oanh, who wrote a hilarious post about something similar!?



4/9 colours, MM Alma dress. Seriously, given how crazy bright this dress is, you’d think it would have more of my palette colours!  



4/9 colours, MM Scout Knit tee. This was a sad wardrobe day! I got all dressed in a cute bright summer skirt and new stripe tank, then realised it was 10 degres and quickly threw on anything warm I could find. Also realised that when I lean over to lecture 6 year olds on why swearing is bad, this shirt becomes a window to my whole bra. Guess how I figured that out? 


Total fail! The only palette colour I’m wearing is the poorly-fitting grey jeans that you can see! Instead, I’m showing you my first try at the Kirsten Kimono tee pattern and a beautiful button necklace that my Mom bought me on a recent Morris dancing trip to Britain! (Yup, my parents are border Morris dancers, and they regularly spend a few weeks dancing in England and Wales. We’re a family full of nerds!)

This was our Track and Field Day at school – and instead of the usually sunny, hot May weather, it was windy and only 3 degrees! On top of this I wore several sweaters and a long winter coat. Brrr!!!

The Friday theme this week is “hometown”, so here’s my town: 

MMM hometown

Exciting, hunh? 



4/9 colours, MM capris. After the boring cold-weather clothes I’d been wearing for a few days, I wanted something bright and fun! I love how bright these red pats are… they make my RTW red jeans looks dark and dull! 

And that’s it for now! Not many days left… 

So, now for something completely unrelated… How do you feel about the new Flickr? Have you found anything it handles better? I’m finding it visually more cluttered, which is frustrating… but since we’ve all got to live with it, I’m trying to learn to like it!

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