Me-Made May, Days 1-4

Hurray! It’s time for MMM!

Here’s my pledge this year: ‘I, Gillian from Crafting a Rainbow, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ‘13. I endeavour to wear me-made clothing that matches my personal colour palette for the duration of May 2013’I’ve been honing my palette all year – these are the colours that I love, look good in, and am allowed to stash! My goal for this month is to see if they really are the colours I wear and sew, or if it’s just wishful thinking! Colour Palette for MMM '13

(The eagle-eyed among you might notice that I already tweaked my palette before starting… I had a paler coral in there originally, but I switched it for the cool pink on the right.)

How’s it going? Well, spoiler alert: I’m pretty sure one of those colours does not belong! 


 Day 1: 2/9 colours, Me-Made head to toe! Renfrew tank, McCall’s cardi, Style Arc jeans, and me-made necklace. 

I had to wear blue for a school event on May 1st, which lead to me making a rushed royal blue top the night before… which of course, ended up with a wobbly hem and a weird fit! Doomed to be pyjamas, I think. As I was digging through my (clean) laundry piles looking for something better to wear, I found this cardigan, which doesn’t get much wear…. but score! It worked for this outfit.

Also: LOOK! A remote! I’ve borrowed my dad’s DSLR, tripod and remote to make picture-taking a bit easier. I love getting my husband to take outdoor pics when there’s time, but at least this way I can grab a quick shot before work in the morning!


Day 2: 4/9 colours, MM sleeveless Pendrell blouse

Not much to say – I stashed this fabric just before leaving Japan, and made it up during MMM last year.


Day 3: Water-themed fishy face! 2/9 colours. MM Scout woven tee and Style Arc black pants. 

My class had a zoo-themed party today, so I wore this koala top with a very 80’s animal necklace of my mom’s! I got funny looks for other staff all day, but who am I to be shy when there is a dress-up theme? 


Day 4: 4/9 colours on a MM Renfrew dress!

Enough of all that coral – time for greens and blues! I didn’t quite buy enough of this fabric, so the skirt is a big snug… emphasizes my gut IRL! Added to which the waistband is think in some spots and thin in other… I think I’m going to have to hack it up and make a peplum tee at some point.

(In other news, I spent the day working on job applications for myself and my husband. His temporary teaching job just ended 2 months earlier than we hoped, and new laws mean that I’ve got all kinds of hoops to jump through just to be eligible to be hired for the same kind of job next year!  It’s all pretty frustrating, and means that we’ll be living with my parents for a while longer… They are wonderful, and have already let us live here for two years. Unfortunately work is so hard to come by that two qualified, experienced 30 year-old teachers can’t support themselves! ERGGGGGHHHHH!)


What was I talking about? Oh yeah, clothes. Here are my thoughts so far: 

  • With all kinds of employment drama going on, it feels pretty superficial to think about clothes every day… but on the other hand, it gives me something fun to focus on! 
  • I’m enjoying my palette challenge… but something off with the emerald green. It’s a colour I love, but turns out I don’t really own any! I think it maybe needs to be changed to a more grass green, or even a leaf green… or then again, maybe I just need to sew more with that colour! 
  • I loved participating so much last year… but I have to admit, I’m already finding this year a bit overwhelming! The Flickr group is HUGE!

How do you feel about MMM? Do you get inspired or bored when it takes over the blogosphere? If you participate in it, do you like the daily dress-up or the online community more? 


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