Me Made May – What should I pledge?

It’s almost time for another Me Made May! Last year was my first time participating. I’d only been sewing for about 3 months, but somehow I pulled it off! As many other bloggers have mentioned, it was a really turning point for me: since then, I’ve worn me-mades almost every day! 

Me-Made May Day 1

Last year, I set myself an extra challenge by creating Japanese For Crafters – a Japanese-word-a-day challenge! It was so much fun to coordinate the Japanese word each day with what I was wearing, and I was so happy that people played along by trying out the words when commenting on my pics in the Flickr group! As a total bonus, it gave me something to do with my hands while posing, and made me feel a little less ridiculous getting my picture taken every day.

MMM'12 Wrap Up!

 Here’s a roundup of everything from last year… you can also go check it out on my Flickr stream if you want to read the individual words!

 Now my Japanese in’t all that great, and I have no intention of doing the same thing again… but I am looking for a fun project for this year! I really appreciate So Zo’s comments about how it is intended to be a *challenge*. Daily me-mades isn’t really a challenge for me right now, so I want to add an extra level… but I’m really not sure what! 

Here’s are some of the ideas that I’ve thought of…

  • Wear at least 10 me-mades a week (Sounds like a lot of counting…)
  • Colour-coordinate my clothes, and somehow wear a rainbow over the course of each week? (But I need to be adaptable to weather, so it can’t be set in stone)
  • Figure out another thing to be photographed with… but what? 
  • Frankly, at this point, I could do a series of 4 OWOPs – One week, One Pattern: All tiramisu’s one week, and all Renfrews the next… But I fear becoming the crazy lady at work! 😛

MMM3 / Japanese for Crafters

Here’s the problem: I think Japanese for Crafters worked because it built community – It was fun for me, and hopefully fun for people to join in! (I mean, seriously, how many “I love your outfit!” comments can anyone write in a month?) All the ideas I’ve thought of for this year are purely selfish – things that only I would know I was doing, with no added fun for anyone else! 

(On the other hand, I don’t want to be rude and attention-grabbing… There’s a wee part of me that feared people would be pissed at me for doing Japanese for Crafters, like I wasn’t following the rules properly or I was being too selfish! I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes.) 

So what could I do that is more social? Maybe recommend a great blog to go check out every day? A can-you-name-the-pattern guessing game? Or should I just let it rest and not try anything special this year? I’d love your honest advice! 

Thanks, sewcialists! 

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