Koalas! Koalas Everywhere!

Grainline Koala Scout Tee

Oh HAI! I’m just hanging out in my new Koala top… Striking awkward poses…

Grainline Koala Scout Tee

…soaking in the early Spring “sunshine”…

Grainline Koala Scout Tee

Hoping the rest of the snow melts soon! 

I finished this top weeks ago, but after getting pumped about spring sewing at the start of the month, I got annoyed that the weather did not comply! Seriously, school bused were cancelled because of ice and snow on Thursday last week, then all schools were SHUT DOWN on Friday because of a huge ice storm. I want SPRING! 

In the end, I decided, “Screw it! I’m taking pics outside anyway! In the same place that would be scenic come summer… If only I’d gotten out of bed earlier, I could have caught the entire yard covered in snow. Yay?

Grainline Koala Scout Tee

Anyway, my shirt: It’s a Grainline Scout Tee (my third!) made from Japanese double gauze that I ordered on Rakuten. It was $9/m, which seems very reasonable to me – I’d never get anything locally of such nice quality for that price! (Buy your own “Koara Chan” gauze here!) The inner layer of fabric is cream, and the outside has the adorable little guys on it. (How did I not notice until now that one of them is wearing a bandana? The cute-o-meter is off the charts!)

If you’ve never sewn with double gauze, you really should give it a try – its buttery soft, and magically both cosy in winter and breezy in summer.  It’s best for loose garments like this pattern, or a semi-fitted blouse like the Sewaholic Alma. 

Grainline Koala Scout Tee

There really isn’t much else to say about it… I usually lengthen the pattern, but for some reason this time I cut using the original printout, completely forgetting that I had a modified version traced out! It’s fine when i’m just standing or sitting around, but I’d be flashing some belly if I wore it while doing jumping jacks etc with my class. Time for an undershirt, I guess! 😉

Grainline Koala Scout Tee

I’ve got another coral top to show you later this week…and a skirt…and a bonus pair of leggings because it was too cold to wear the skirt without them! 

On a side note, I’m really fascinated by all the Colette Laurel dresses popping up! I love some of them, and find other less flattering… It’s that great lure of something loose, just like this shirt! I don’t think the Scout tee necessarily brings out any great features of mine, but dang, is it comfy! And hides all forms of muffin-top… I love it. I’m working on a Jiffy shift dress – inspired but the Laurel, but hoping the shape is more flattering on me! (Thought it’s looking nothing like Erika’s hella sexy version right now!) 

How do you feel about loose sihouettes? Yes, no, maybe so? 

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