Where did the blogging go?

Hello, peeps! i’ve been absent around here for a while… ok, only two weeks, really, but that’s a long time for me! I don’t know what happened – I’ve been sewing, but just haven’t felt like photographing or posting anything I make! Tonight I’m not quite sure I have much to say, but I’m making myself write anyway. Twitter can *almost* satisfy my sewcialist tendencies, but it’s time to get back to blogging! 

Since Christmas, I’ve really been enjoying using my iPad to record my monthly sewing plans. Not that I stick to the plans very carefully, but they are helpful inspiration when I don’t know what to start next! 

Here are my plans from the start of March. Let’s see how many I got done! 

March and April Sewing

Two Pavlova tops? Check. Lounge pants and leggings? Check. Style Arc pants… well, yes and no! I made one muslin and was pretty happy, so I made my next pair wearable and fully finished – my first ever pair of pants! But then I got deeper down the fitting rabbit hole, and became less and less pleased with the fit on my 3rd, 4th, and 5th muslins. Now I’m looking at muslin 6, and wondering if I’ve only made things worse! I’ve been wearing v2 all weekend, and they are comfy and look fine. Should I push for more? I just don’t know. It’s a little depressing, to be honest! 

March and April Sewing

Next up: No, I didn’t make that Grainline Scout tee yet. It’ll come in April, I hope! I did finish the a-lin skirt though, including one of my better zipper attempts, thanks to using fusible webbing for the first time to hold the zip in place!

March and April Sewing

Hmmm. Yes, I did make my sister a Hollyburn, and the pattern was great to work with. I got as far as muslining and cutting out the bodice of a dress with my Tsuru fabric, but it’s got lots of little pieces and I haven’t been able to face it since! It has the honour or being the very first cut pattern that I’ve hidden away as a UFO! 

Oh, and that cowl neck polka dot dress? Well, i didn’t buy tha fabric when I first saw it, because I knew good sales were coming up… but I haven’t found it at any of the other locations I’ve shopped at since, and also haven’t been back to the city where I found it! Lesson learned: Buy the damned fabric when you see it! 

So, overall: Some of my plans worked out, some didn’t! I also made a few other things, plus duplicates of the leggings and lounge pants. Not bad! 

Now for April! I sketched out a few plans yesterday, including: 

March and April Sewing

Recognise that Scout Tee from last month? I actually made the coral Koala Scout tee yesterday, so that other one should follow soon. I’ve got plans for one more Tira – i just have to figure out how to use my border print ITY without loosing stretch anywhere vital! 

The Kimono Sleeve dress is an interesting one for me… it was one of the first patterns I bought, thinking it looked really simple.. then muslined it in jersey and was really disappointed! I’m ready to give it another crack though, even though it looses serious points for not having a size big enough for my butt! Seriously? It’s not THAT big! 

March and April Sewing

Well, hello, Style Arc Pants! Fancy seeing you here again! i’m determined to get it fitting well enough to make some cute and colourful capris for spring. Which leaves me lots of time, since it’s still snowing here! 

As for the Jiffy dress… I fell in love with it when Colette Patterns convinced me that a shift would be fun and cute for spring! I have a hard time fitting Colette though, and I prefer the cute French darts on this pattern. I spent today doing a bunch of patterns alterations, and I think I’m ready to cut fashion fabric… but what? I have a nice green and blue gauze in mind, but I don’t know how to work with the permanent crinkles in the fabric. How will I iron my darts? I also can’t decide what to do about lining. I’ll wear it over leggings for school, so it needs something slippery… but I’m considering making an ITY slip instead of a full lining. I hate making breezy sundresses and then sticking in an unbreathable, sweaty lining! Any suggestions? 

Hunh – Apparently I DID have a lot fo say! Thanks for reading!

What do you have planned for April? 

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