More Thoughts on Pavlova!

Yesterday I blogged about the Pavlova skirt I made… now here’s the wrap top from the same pattern! 


Since it’s a fairly new pattern, here are my thoughts: 

  1. I can’t quite nail down the fit of this pattern. Should it be loose, and cross high over the bust? Should it be snug like mine and wrap underneath? I’m not quite sure what Steph, the designer of Cake Patterns, intended… or what I prefer! I cut this one a size 30 instead of the 35 that was recommended for my measurements. I like how snug and trim it is… but when it’s so tight, it shows back fat and wrinkles from whatever I wear underneath. 
  2. Since I was sizing down, I added an inch in length before cutting. It’s still quite short though – So short that I had to really hike up my Pavlova skirt to get the waistband under the top! I’ll add more length next time. 
  3. The neck binding. The back of the next is finished with a method that I can’t begin to describe… which confused the hell out of me for a good long time! In the end it was just fine, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get a great finish on it! 


4. Hemming and finishing those long ties. This took FOREVER… and was really annoying! The foldover finish is quite deep at the neckline and front crossover… tapering down along the ties. This made it really tough for me to visualise how best to finish it! I applied knit stay tape, but it had to be positioned differently depending how deep the hem was at each point. I also didn’t want a messy finished showing when the ties were hanging down, so I did a double fold hem towards the end of the ties. All in all, not actually hard, but just finickety and annoying after making easy-to-finish Renfrews or Tiras! 

Cake Pavlova Wrap Top5. The pattern include a longer flap in the back which can be tucked in to keep the top in place. I made my “muffin cover” shorter since I’d really like to wear the top over dresses. I freehanded a curve on the back hem with my serger – So what if it’s a bit lopsided?! 😛 It seems to still stay in place under the wrap ties. 

6. Fabric: I used a light jersey with moderate stretch. In a heavier knit I’d definitely size up… but I’d also be afraid that the ties would get bulky and unflattering. I almost used a really stretchy rib knit, but I thought the seaming would be to wobbly. I think it could be really pretty in a drapey rayon knit… but then the back would *really* show everything underneath! I’m not sure what the ideal fabric is, really! (Time to experiment!) 

I’ll definitely make the Pavlova top again. It’s flattering and cute, and something I could never draft by hacking my favourite patterns! Truth be told though, I’ve already got my eye on the next Cake pattern: The Hummingbird, which include a peplum teeshirt and a straight skirt with cool drape in the back. Not to mention that I’m still working away on my Cordova jacket, and my 3rd pants muslin… AND my cute Japanese fabric arrived, which I can’t wait to sew! So many distractions! 

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