A Tribute to Cake

photo (33)

3 Tira’s, all in a row! 

I think my love for the Tiramisu pattern is pretty well documented… In 2 months, I’ve made EIGHT! Including two each for my mom and sister, pictured above. (Plus, I made a skirt.)

I love this pattern, guys! I can make one in 2 hours if I push hard, and it’s easy to size up and down. The skirt is the perfect amount of twirly, and the bodice works with long or short sleeves. I’ll admit, I only put the pockets in once… but even without them, this pattern is perfection. 

Now of course, all good things must come to an end… I mean, I can’t go steady with Tiramisu forever, can I? (Can I?) It’s time to fold up the pieces and try a few other patterns for a while… like the Pavlova, Cordova, and any other -ovas I can get my hands on! 

Tiramisu, you’ve been good to me. I’ll come back for you later, I promise! (I’ve got a Christmas fabric all picked out for next year!) 


Also awesome? My family. I’m a lucky lady. 

Your turn: What pattern have you made the most, and how many times have you made it? 

(My winner would have to be Renfrew, which I’ve made at least 14 times… probably more!)

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