Scout (Knit) Tee

Scout (knit) Tee

A new tee, and it’s not a Renfrew! Instead, it’s a version of the Grainline Scout Woven Tee, made in a lovely drapey rayon knit! I’ve been crushing on big loose tees lately – they are a nice counterpoint to slim pants, and cover all manner of sins! 😉 

Scout (knit) Tee

The Scout tee has a high-low hem already, which I exaggerated even more. I saw a coworker in a similar top the day before March break, and surreptitiously checked it out so I could make my own! (Seriously, isn’t that the best part of sewing?) 

Scout (knit) Tee

I tried out a new neckline technique, based on this tutorial from Megan Neilson. Basically, you sew the binding onto the inside of the shirt, then fold it over to the front and topstitch it down. All the edges are enclosed, which is a nice feature. I prefer the ease of a normal (Renfrew-esque) binding, but I think this technique works very well with less-stretchy knits. Just for kicks, I also added a centre seam into the front and back.  I cut the pieces out on the fold, and just took a wee tuck along the fold with the serger. With a top this baggy, I knew it wouldn’t affect the fit! 

Scout (knit) Tee

This top started as a sort-of #sewingdare from my sister. She made me this beautiful silk hand-dyed shawl for my wedding… and I LOST it! I found it a few weeks later, all safely wrapped up with other wedding stuff. Since it missed it’s big day, I really wanted to wear the shawl more casually. Something about the shine of it though made it hard to incorporate with my usual floral tops and dresses.

Anne and I brainstormed a lot of potential options (patterns? solids? different necklines?) I remembered this rayon knit in my stash, and thought the shine of the slub knit would be a good fit with the shawl. I didn’t feel right in all solids, but once I put on this wool brooch that I’d made last year, it felt more ME! 

‘Fess up: Have you ever copied a garment that you saw on someone in real life? Do you ask people to let you inspect their clothes, or do you try to look surreptitiously? 

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