Building a Wardrobe, aka. Crafting a Rainbow!

Yesterday I guest-posted on my sister’s blog about using a colour palette to create a cohesive wardrobe that you love. It was really fun to write, and got me thinking: Do you wardrobe-plan? 

I first started thinking about it when I was just a wee beginning sewist last spring: I joined in on the Colette Spring/Summer Palette Challenge, and came up with this: 

Spring Summer Colour Palatte final

I really did use most of those fabrics over the summer, so I guess it worked! 

When fall arrived, I was thrilled that coloured jeans finally hit Canada (just 5 or so years after they became popular in Japan! :P) and I immediately bought red, teal, grey, and royal blue jeans. Over the winter my work “uniform” has been either a bright patterned dress with leggings, or bright jeans with a graphic top! 

But wait, there’s one more thing all those outfits need, right? A cardigan! And just how obsessive am I about colours? Obbsessive enough to make this last April: 

Caridgan colours_Snapseed

Yup! The great thing is that it worked! I’ve been able to pick up used cardigans in just the right colours over the year. 

Writing the guest post for Anne was a good chance to look back and reflect. Here’s my colour palette now: 

What colours do I wear?

Pretty consistent, eh? 

So my questions are: Do you plan your stash/projects/wardrobe strategically too? And if you are also knitter like Anne and her friends, do you plan your handknits to fill a gap in your wardrobe? Or do you just buy the colour of yarn you love most, and go from there? I’d love to hear your thoughts, either here or over on Anne’s blog! 

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