Laura Lounge Pants!

It’s lounging time!

A few weeks ago the lovely Maria of Denmark released her newest pattern, the Laura Lounge Pants. In fact, she used them for her sewing dare, so of course I had to make a pair in return!  It’s a great pattern – easy to print out and stick together, and easy to sew and fit! I’m a big fan. Thanks, Maria!


The first pair I made with a sueded thick jersey – basically, fleece on one side. It’s heaven to wear! Unfortunately my rear was a little big for the pattern… so I added a triangle shaped yoke to the back. I also switched to a yoga-style fold-over waistband for both pairs – I didn’t have elastic, and the fabric I used had enough recovery to do the job. I just added 3” extra height to the included waistband piece, and made sure it was nice and snug! 


My second pair is a grey double-knit that I picked up for $3/m yesterday. This time I added about 3” height to the back rise, and tapered to nothing at the aides. I serged it with bright pink thread just for fun! I kept both pairs fairly loose because I’m just going to schlep around the house in them… but I think the pattern would work with a tighter fit too. More yoga-pant-esque!

Here are a few detail shots: 


Left: The puckery yoke I attached to my first pair for decency!

Centre: Pink serging and the slightly-stripy double knit. 

Right: The simple serged hem on my first pair, flipped up to shoe the fleece inside!

I really recommend this pattern – It’s only $5, and it’s well drafted! My first pair, with adjustments, took 45 min – and of course, the second pair was even faster! I’m hoping to try my first pair of real pants this month, so this was the perfect walk through of the shape of the pattern pieces and the order of construction. 

Oh incidentally – the photoshoot  was inspired by David Butler’s Quiltcon lecture on photography that was posted free on Craftsy. He talked about  how sometimes it’s more important to create a mood or atmosphere in product photographs instead of always worrying about displaying product details. These aren’t super cute or super complicated pants – but who doesn’t want to lounge around in comfort? Of course, I don’t usually lounge around in makeup and VPL-free underwear, hiking up my shirt so you can see the waistband! Sometimes it’s fun to be a bit aspirational, right? 

Happy sewing! 

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