It’s Cordova Time!

Back the summer, we had a discussion about what we hoped indie pattern designers would release next. One of the things I hoped for was a knit blazer that would work over a dress or with pants. Lo and behold, trusty Sewaholic came through with the Cordova jacket!

Two minor problems: It’s not meant for knits, and I HATE the collarless look! It just seems too unfinished for me. 

But fear not! I’ve pulled the amazing (and secretly highly trained) Heather (aka. @KnitNBee) into making a Cordova too, and she’s offered to help me draft a collar. The only question is, what kind of collar should I make?

Here are a few of the many options: 

Adding a collar to the Cordova JacketA1: contrast trim around the neckline. Dead simple. 

B1: The original pattern, as drafted, with no collar. 

Adding a collar to the Cordova Jacket

A2: Insert a shorter zipper, and fold the coat back to make a simple collar. 

B2: Draft a tuxedo-style collar. 

Adding a collar to the Cordova Jacket

A3: Draft a collar with rounded points. 

B3: Draft a peter-pan collar. 

What do you think? Which collar do you think would be a) not too much work and b) match the style of the coat? I’d really love your advice!  

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