Toronto Sewing Blogger Meet-up!

Do you ever have so much fun that you just can’t figure out how to talk about it later? It happened to me with my wedding a couple years ago – love, love, loved that day, but was so exhausted from the planning that I had no energy left to process it! (Honest truth: the thought of writing Thank You cards made me panic for a year!)

The same thing happened after the Toronto Sewing Blogger Meet-Up last week! Awesome, amazing time with wonderful, fun women… no idea how to recap it later! 

Toronto Sewing Blogger Meet-Up

First of all, it was such pleasure to plan the meet-up with Adrienne from All Style and All Substance. We met for the first time 30 minutes before the official meet-up began, but she was just as lovely as I imagined! 

To prep for the meet-up, I’d made name tags for everyone, with a scrap of fabric sewn on a card. In no time at all we had people arriving for the meetup – even more people than we’d expected! It was so fun to meet everyone in real life!

All in all, we had 18 people! 

How amazing is that? It was really cool to have such a range of women – all ages, styles, backgrounds and sewing abilities! We had Vicki all the way from Montreal, a surprise appearance from Kristiann from Victory Patterns, and at least one person who started a blog after the meetup! 

meetup collage

After shopping, we were lucky to get a private room at a restaurant. Pretty soon the beer was flowing, and we were inspecting each others clothing and trading dirt on our favourite patterns, stores, designers and blogs! (Seriously fun to be able to mention patterns or bloggers by name, and have everyone know exactly what you mean!) We had a huge amount of patterns and fabric to swap. I think everyone went home with great stuff!

I came away from the swap with some jersey and this cute 1950 cape pattern: 


 I also bought 2 lengths of jersey in a hidden-away basement store, both of which I’ve already used! 


A comfy knit skirt for my sister, using the Tiramisu skirt pattern pieces… 


… and a pair of Maria of Denmark Laura Lounge pants for me! 

It was really cool to shop with local seamstresses – they really knew which store were the best! I know Tokyo fabric stores like the back of my hand, but I’m a little lost in Toronto! I can’t wait to go back and explore in more depth. 

All in all, it was a fabulous day. Everyone was so fun and friendly, and I think we were all surprised to find out just how many sewcialists there really are in Toronto! It was such a thrill to be part of it! 

We’re already planning another meet-up this summer!

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