A Sewcialist Logo?

On Friday, a few rogue sewing and twitter fanatics and I launched a design competition to create a logo for the #sewcialist movement. The idea behind it is that we want an iconic design that shows our pride in sewing, blogging and tweeting. Something to join our community together – something we could wear to start conversations about our hobby – something available to all sewists to use.  

Which of course begs the question: What Would Sewcialists Make? 

(WWSM – a motto to live by!) 

What Would Sewcialists Make?

Myself, I’d make a Renfrew with an iron-on logo. Then I’d wait for everyone I met to ask about it (“What’s a… sewcialist?”), and then I’d launch into a very excited explanation of how awesome it is to tweet with sewists all around the world! 

Or maybe I’d make Disparate Discipline’s new hoodie pattern… Or a tote bag… or maybe a zippered pouch? Oh, the choices! Then there’s always Spoonflower… or stickers… or I could add it to my blog business cards… 

What would you make with a Sewcialist logo? 

PS. Please help us spread the word! Tell any designers/artists/artsy people you know, or send us a submission yourself! 

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