First Dress from my Sloper!

Making and Using a Bodice Sloper

BAM! There it is. My first dress made with my self-drafted sloper! 

Obviously, the fabric is the star. I bought this in Japan just before leaving, when I was starting to think about making clothes… and I’ve been hoarding it ever since. I’m a BIG fan of bright florals on dark grey or black, and the Japanese elements and crazy colours just make me so happy. It’s quilting cotton, but that’s ok with me for a dress like this. 

Of course, with any large floral you have to be careful with placement… so I checked and double checked before I cut the bodice. But as you know, THIS happened: 

Making and Using a Bodice Sloper

Seriously? I tried to hard to avoid this! Boo. 😦 

Oh well. I’m counting on the busy print to distract. What do you think? 

Making and Using a Bodice Sloper


On to other details… I lined the skirt, added pockets, and even practiced my piping skills on the neckline. This came before Bimple and Pimple and I were #sewingdared to use piping, so it doesn’t count. (How amazing is her piped Hollyburn though?)

I wore the dress for the first time to see my husband perform in a community theatre version of How to Succeed in Business. He studied Drama in University at a rather elite program, and it’s a big part of who he is. I’ve seen him direct three student performances, but I’ve never seen HIM on stage. Guys, he’s so good! (Yup, I’m biased!) It made the long commutes to rehearsal (1-2hrs each way) all worth it. One of the reasons we moved back to Canada was so that we could pursue our passions and build community – and I’m so pleased that we are both doing that in our own way!

PicMonkey Collage

What do you and/or your partner nerd out about besides sewing?

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