For You February

I started sewing clothes almost exactly a year ago now… and in that time I’ve made easily upwards of 50 garments. That’s what happens when you choose simple and quick projects, I guess!

As I head into this second year of sewing, I’ve started to wonder: How am I going to keep this up? I don’t *need* another 50 garments this year – My closet won’t take it! I’ve thought about taking on more challenging projects so that my output would slow… but honestly, those kinds of projects don’t bring me as much joy as a t-shirt! Instead, one of my new years resolutions was to give away more of my makes. I’m lucky enough to have a mom and sister who will wear and appreciate anything I make, so it’s time to fill their closets instead!

As it happens, I’m no the only one feel that way this month. Over on Twitter this weekend, a few other people mentioned taking a break to sew for others… So we declared it “For You February!”

For You February

As it happens, sewing gifts is also the theme of the Stashbusting projects for February too! 

It’s funny that just a month after Christmas, I’m already itching to sew for other people… but there is something particularly fun about sewing up an unexpected gift! No deadline, so expectations – just a way to say “I love you!” with fabric! 

(That’s not to say that I won’t be making for myself this month… I tried making underwear for the first time last week, and I’m hooked!)

Do you have any projects planned for friends or family? Feel free to grab the graphic… Somehow having an official button/title always makes me more motivated! Do you feel like that too?

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