Updates on Sewing Dares!

It’s been a month since #sewingdares broke out on Twitter, so I thought it was high time to recap! I’ve been updating my original post as people completed their dares. I’m so impressed with how people took their sewing dares to heart! 

Sewing Dares

Now remembers, the official rules of Sewing Dares are: 

  1. Have fun. Stop if it is not fun. 
  2. There is no rush – Do your dare whenever you want! 
  3. Did I mention to have fun? 

The dares were all designed to be a bit of a challenge for each invidual, but nothing too stressful. Some people took on big projects, and others chose something small. I’m up to at least 4 dares myself – I’d better get cracking! 

Here are the finished dares so far: 

There dares are still in progress

  • Hot Mess Heifer is going to make not 1, not 2, but 3 t-shirts! (She already had one cut out – Head start!) 
  • Seamless‘ Elena has been dared by SewBusyLizzy to make one dress for work, and style it 4 ways!
  • Clare from SewDixieLou: Make an everyday, “signature” dress from her vintage stash
  • Inge from IngeMaat: Remake one of her least “Top 5 Fails” from 2012 into something (anything!) that she loves or is useful. 
  • Sown Brooklyn will make something designed/drawn by one of her kids! 
  • Ginger Makes is going to bite the bullet and make a bodice sloper! Oh yeah – and she let Oona pick out fabric for her next Mood Network project!
  • Erin at Dog Under My Desk is going to sew a t-shirt! (You won’t regret it – T-shirts are my favourite sewing project!) 
  • Amity Originals is going to make trousers! (Brave woman!) 
  • Suzy Sewing is going to do two dares: Make a t-shirt AND use a croquis for sketching dress designs.
  • My awesomesauce sister Anne is a dye-hard knitter (See what I did there? Hahaha – puns.) She’s going to design and co-sew a knitting project bag! She’s started with a Pinterest board full of ideas
  • OonaBallona has accepted a dare from GingerMakes and SownBrooklyn to make her dear husband a shirt! Will there be vibrant spandex leggings to match? 
  • In return, Oona has challenge ME to make a maxi dress – out of Liberty Lifestyle? Eeek! I’ve also been dared to use piping, and learn to rotate darts.
  • Buzy Lizzie in Brizzy is going to make a vintage shirtdress! 
  • Buckingham Road has accepted two dares: Make something out of knit, and make pants, a skirt or a dress to go with her fantastic Cordova Jacket! 
  • Thewallinna gave herself a serious challenge: Finish her couture dress!
  • Falling Through Your Clothes has too much in her stash (poor woman! :P) so she is going to use one piece to sew something for herself, and give away another piece or use it to sew for someone else!
  • Made with Hugs and Kisses is in training to be a teacher, so I’ve dared her to sew an interview dress
  • Suzanne of http://mybeaubaby.blogspot.com/ has been dared by Oona, Ginger and others to make a garment that she’ll proudly show the guts of, perhaps to the point of it being reversible. 
  • Kate took a break from blogging to plan her wedding, but she’s officially Mrs. Nakano now, and she’s got a new blog to match! She’s been dared to make and blog something in the next ten days – by Feb. 13th!
  • Jamie at Such a Strange Girl is going to make her first knit top! 
  • Sally from The Quirky Peach is going to use stash fabric to make one of the new indie patterns she bought recently! 
  • Andrea at Stitch Parade is going to make a garment (using a print!) that celebrates her new life this year on the west coast of Canada. 
  • GMarie is going to recreate a RTW dress with red cherries from Vogue 8728! 
  • Rachel at My Messings is done hosting her Hollyburn sewalong, and is ready for a dare: To make something, anything, that goes under a dress! 


Overall, I’m so amazed by how many people jumped in and asked for a #sewingdare – I’ve met so many new bloggers through this, and become seriously addicted to Twitter in the process! Most of the people who finished seem to have enjoyed the challenge… though like most sewing projects, there were a few hitches along the way! 

For those of us with incomplete dares hanging over our heads… remember, stop if it’s not fun! One thing I’m learning about sewists as a community is that we take rules and promises to complete things seriously… but really, if you ever wish, you can change your dare! If it’s not exciting and motivating, there’s no point, right? This is our hobby, for goodness sakes! 🙂 Make it fun. 

If that hasn’t scared you off… There’s always space for new dares! If you want one, just leave a comment below or hollar at my on TwitterGet the graphic yourself, and start sewing/blogging/daring more sewists! 

 Happy sewing! 

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