Toronto Sewing Blog Meet-Up!

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that all the really cool sewing blog meet-ups happen too far away to attend. That’s why this winter Adrienne from All Style and All Substance and I have decided to change that: We’re hosting our own Toronto Sewing Blog Meet-up! 

Toronto Sewing Blogger Meet-Up

We’ve set the date for Feb. 23rd, starting at 1pm. We’ll meet somewhere on Queen West (TBA, once we figure it out, of course!) and do some fabric shopping… then stop for a chat and a drink! 

If you live anywhere near the GTA, please do join us! (I live an over an hour from the city myself, but for fabric and sewing friends, I will travel!) Invite along anyone you know who sews – blog or no blog, everyone is welcome. We’d love it if you grab the graphic , blog about it, and spread the word! 

 For all of you who live too far away to join us: Have you ever been to or planned a meet-up? Any top tips for us? We’ve talked about doing a fabric or pattern swap, but can’t decide if that is too complex for our first   round. What do you think? 

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