A Tiramisu and a damned cute dog!

Tiramisu dress & Nike dog 5

My sister, pictured above, is a girl after my own heart. Not only did she snap up one of the Tiramisu dresses I made over the holidays, but when I suggested taking some pictures, she put the dress on right away and marched her husband outside to take pictures! We Whitcombe girls married good men!  🙂 

Tiramisu dress & Nike dog 1

(I love the paprazzi quality of this photo! Caught in action!) 

I had this dress all cut out in solid mid-weight navy, but at the last minute I decided to do the bodice in stripes. I had less than a meter, so it was a perfect solution! Except that the stripes are cheap and waaaay more light-weight than the navy, so the bodice quickly stretched out to be to big for lil’ old me! 

Tiramisu dress & Nike dog 12

I think it looks killer on Anne, though! She wore it with a tee underneath, which is a great solution for a gaping neck. It also makes it more winter appropriate!

Thanks so much to Anne for taking wonderful pictures – She’s really motivating me to, you know, try to get my pictures in focus a little more often!  😛 Taking pics in the basement really isn’t ideal, I guess. 

Tiramisu dress & Nike dog 2

(OMG, this DOG!) 

Stealing the show though is Anne’s new dog! She and her husband are SOOOOO happy to have a doggie, and they’ve chosen well! Nike is a rescue dog, and very shy, but just adorable! 

What’s that? One more doggie picture? Here you are. BAM! 

Tiramisu dress & Nike dog 6


As for the dress, I love that the knit fabric makes it easy to fit as a gift. I’m planning to make one for my Mom too come spring! Anne’s only negative comment on the dress was, “It would be just perfect if it had pockets!” Oh that shame of a lazy seamstress – the tag line of Cake Patterns is “Always with pockets!”, but I’ve been lazy to include them so far. Really must give it a go on the next round! 

As for me, I’m spending this weekend and next writing report cards… but I want to say a huge THANk YOU to all of those who commented about the Seamless Pledge! It’s impressive that so many people have taken on some sort of similar goal in their own way. Now if only I could wrap my head around the sustainability of buying fabric – but that’s for another post! 

Happy sewing! 

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