It’s time for the Seamless Pledge!


I, Gillian Whitcombe, am taking the Seamless Pledge for 6 months: from today until my birthday on June 18th!  

For those 6 months I won’t buy any new clothes or shoes, with the exception of undergarments. I will sew or buy second-hand everything else!  

Why? My reasons are the same as many of the people who have taken the pledge

  • I have heaps of clothes. After 5 years in Japan where I didn’t fit anything, I rather binged on sewing/buying a new wardrobe last year. I’m well stocked now, and it is time to enjoy what I have!
  • Stepping outside social pressures. One of the beauties of sewing is being able to remove yourself from the pressure of trends, advertising and shopping. I’m ready to take it one step farther and really focus on making and wearing clothes I love without any temptation to buy what is trendy and new.  I’d rather not waste my time *wanting* more that I don’t need. 
  • Sustainability. The world does not need cheap clothing that will fall apart in under a year. There is no need to create so much waste.
I’m excited for the challenge of not buying new – so excited, in fact, that I’ve volunteered to help Elena (the originator of the Seamless Pledge) and Clare (another pledger) to revamp the Seamless Pledge for the new year. We’re planning all sorts of fun stuff for the next few months! 
Have you ever taken the Seamless Pledge? Did you naturally stop buying new when you starting making? Or conversely, if you’ve thought about the pledge but not made the leap, why not? I’d love to hear about your thoughts and experiences! 
p.s. When I first drew this graphic, I made one little spelling mistake that would make the whole pledge a lot easier… especially since my husband is named Jamie, not Sean! 😉 

Sewing goals for 2013

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