My first Tiramisu!

Tiramisu Dress in Rayon Knit

Welcome to my most recent pattern obsession! I made this version a month ago, and it’s currently my FAVOURITE thing to wear. It’s so cosy and stretchy that I can barely feel it on… and with a good slip, leggings and a cardi, it’s perfect for winter. Plus, I’ve got about 5 cardigans that “match” it (pink, red, purple, plack and grey) so it feels different every time!

two ways

This version is made from a lovely rayon knit that I picked up meaning to make a cardigan for my mom – but I’m so glad it became this dress instead! I didn’t have enough fabric to do the flared skirt, so instead I drafted a simple a-line skirt instead. Here’s how: 

Tiramisu in Rayon Knit

The gathering really doesn’t show up in pictures, but it’s a nice detail in person. It creates just enough ease over the tummy and rear, and looks pretty, too.

You can *almost* see it here: 


I sold pompom infinity scarves like this to a local shop last year, and they are one of my favourite things to wear. I’ve got 4 or 5! I  like that they stay put all day with no fidgeting, which is important while teaching.  

A few construction notes: 

    • I pulled the neck binding really tight – probably 20+cm shorter than the pattern calls for. That helped keep things secure… until I top stitched it! I find that the pressure of the sewing machine foot stretches our knits when I top stitch, so on my other versions I’ve kept topstitching to a minimum. 
    • Since this version, I’ve cut my bodice several sizes smaller. It always seems to work out though, whatever size I use… It’s a very forgiving pattern!
    • No pockets! Actually, no pockets in any of my versions. What can I say? I just don’t care much about pockets! Particularly in this a-line version, I thought they would show through. 
    • No hem! I didn’t finish the sleeves or hem at all! This knit doesn’t roll or stretch out, so I didn’t want to risk a ripply seam when I didn’t need to.
All in all, I LOVE this dress… which is why I’ve bought more fabric from the same line to make another! 

Soon-To-Be Tiramisu Dress in Rayon Knit

Sure, it’ll be really similar… but you can never have too much of a good thing, right? 


Now for something a little more… personal!  What do you wear under your knit dresses? I tend to wear them in winter with leggings, which then calls for a full or half slip… but I often don’t wear knit dresses in summer because of the dreaded VPL!  (I guess I could wear a slip in summer… not sure why that has never occurred to me… but it might take away from the breathability of the fabric.) Help! 

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