Holiday Sewing

Back to work tomorrow. This is usually the part of my holiday when I start panicing and trying to prolong things… desperately clinging to the last bit of time off! I has such a lovely break this year though that I can’t complain about going back to school. 

One of the real unexpected pleasures of the last two weeks has been connecting with all you through twitter and blogs. I only have close friend in the little town where I live (plus my husband, who is of course my best friend), so it’s been really amazing to meet even more fabulous people online! Thanks for joining in on my Top 5 lists and #sewingdares – I’ve had so much fun!

As for actual sewing, well… I’ve finished 7 garments! (God, I LOVE sewing with knits!) After Christmas I sat down with my new iPad and sketched out a list of projects I might work on. Its so handy to be able to draw, write, erase, and keep track of all my projects! 

Here’s what I came up with: 

Holiday Sewing Goals

As you can see, I finished 4 goals and started the other two: Here they are in the flesh!

Holiday Sewing Collage

Yup: 3 Renfrews, 3 Tiramisu dresses (one I forgot to add to the collage), a Day-to-night cowl, a self-drafted sloper (so much math!), and a dress made from the sloper! Far more importantly, I had a lovely time sewing. Blasting music, cleaning up the room a bit, dreaming of new plans, and chatting with all of you on Twitter at the same time!  A great holiday. 

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m sending good vibes your way! 

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