Sewing Dares!

It all started to innocently! K-Line said she wanted to make socks, I challenged her to start in a week, and she took me up on it… and then the power went straight to my head!

When Pretty Greivances causally mentioned she’d like to have a basic TNT that she could spice up with her trademark prints, I threw down the gauntlet: Make 3 tunics from one pattern!  She came right back with a dare for me: Mix prints! She also told me that my first options were “something a grownup would choose”, so clearly I need to raise the bar! (Edited: **Dare Completed!** 3 great tops have been made!)

And then I started daring everyone! Now here I am, spending my evening daring strangers to sew things… and having a  hell of a lot of fun, so I regret nothing! 

Sewing Dares

Here are the dares so far: 

  • Sew Busy Lizzy:Hack a favourite pattern into something new. She’s going to make the Maria of Denmark Day/Night Cowl into a dress, and I know it will be fab! **Dare completed!** But wait! There’s more! One dare was not enough! She’s going to make a bathing suit AND an outfit for her trip to London! That’s bravery!
  • Unique Schmuck: Oanh is going to make two sundresses from the same pattern, at the same time! **Dare Completed!** Two lovely dresses finished! 
  • Three Dresses Project: Leila is going to (gasp!) use a pattern more than once!  **Dare Completed!** In fact, she made multiples of 3 different patterns! 🙂 
  • Sew Exhausted makes beautiful things for her family – Now she’s been dared to make something nice for herself! **Dare Completed!**
  • Handmade by Heather B: Heather is going to make something flirtatious for going out/events. Va-va-voom!
  • Hot Mess Heifer is going to make not 1, not 2, but 3 t-shirts! (She already had one cut out – Head start!) 
  • Seamless‘ Elena has been dared by SewBusyLizzy to make one dress for work, and style it 4 ways!
  • Jen has been dared to be social on Twitter every day for a week.  **Dare Completed!** @grainlinestudio was a busy tweeter! 
  • Clare from SewDixieLou: Make an everyday, “signature” dress from her vintage stash
  • Inge from IngeMaat: Remake one of her least “Top 5 Fails” from 2012 into something (anything!) that she loves or is useful. 
  • Bimble and Pimple: Amanda make a plain single-colour dress! (I trust she will still make it fun though, with texture or shape or trim or something!) 
  • Notches and Notions: Make something using at least 1 of the giant buttons she accidentally ordered for another project**Dare Completed** 
  • Maria of Denmark: Make fun underwear and some lounge pants! **Dare Completed!**
  • House of Pinheiro is going to make a loose-fitting top – with Maria of Denmark’s Kimono Tee PDF pattern to boot! **Dare Completed!**
  • Stephanie is going to start a blog! **Dare Completed!** Go check our her lovely new blog!
  • PunkMik is going to make something from Gertie’s book – work appropriate for her new job! 🙂 
  • Chris Lucas is going to make herself a cute high-waisted pencil skirt!
  • Sown Brooklyn will make something designed/drawn by one of her kids! 
  • Ginger Makes is going to bite the bullet and make a bodice sloper!
  • Erin at Dog Under My Desk is going to sew a t-shirt! (You won’t regret it – T-shirts are my favourite sewing project!) 
  • Amity Originals is going to make trousers! (Brave woman!) 
  • Suzy Sewing is going to do two dares: Make a t-shirt AND use a croquis for sketching dress designs.
  • My awesomesauce sister Anne is a dye-hard knitter (See what I did there? Hahaha – puns.) She’s going to design and co-sew a knitting project bag! She’s started with a Pinterest board full of ideas
  • OonaBallona has accepted a dare from GingerMakes and SownBrooklyn to make her dear husband a shirt! Will there be vibrant spandex leggings to match? 
  • In return, Oona has challenge ME to make a maxi dress – out of Liberty Lifestyle? Eeek! 
  • Buzy Lizzie in Brizzy is going to make a vintage shirtdress! 
  • Buckingham Road has accepted two dares: Make something out of knit, and make pants, a skirt or a dress to go with her fantastic Cordova Jacket! 
  • Thewallinna gave herself a serious challenge: Finish her couture dress by January 20th!
  • Falling Through Your Clothes has too much in her stash (poor woman! :P) so she is going to use one piece to sew something for herself, and give away another piece or use it to sew for someone else!
  • Made with Hugs and Kisses is in training to be a teacher, so I’ve dared her to sew an interview dress
  • Sew and So is making #onedresstorulethemall – her wedding dress! meanwhile, she’s been dared to join twitter and post a list of things she’ll make once the wedding dress is done! **Dare Completed!** Well done! 

Here are the official Sewing Dare Rules: 

  1. Have fun. Stop if it is not fun. 
  2. There is no rush – Do your dare whenever you want! 
  3. Did I mention to have fun? 

Get the graphic yourself, and start sewing/blogging/daring more sewists! 

(ps. Oh yeah – Fair warning: My initial dare to K-Line is driving her nuts! Why did I think it was smart to dare more people?)

(pps. K-Line is *almost* enjoying sock-making now! My faith in dares is restored.)

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