Top 5: Reflecting on reflections!

Top 5 of 2012

Hi everyone! I want to thank you all so much for playing along with my Top 5 of 2012 project – In the end I think about 50 people posted lists! I really enjoyed seeing people’s reflections popping up in my blog reader for the last few weeks, and most of all, I loved discovering new blogs! (If you haven’t poked through the list of participants here, you really should!) 

Before moving on to blogging about 2013 projects, I wanted to take a moment to think about what I might do differently next time. I’d love your input: If I were to propose the same project in 2013, what should we keep/change? 

  • It seems like 5 was a good number – though I was very happy to see people bending the “rules” by making longer or shorter lists!
  • Seeing the hits and misses was a really great introduction to newly-discovered blogs – I made me want to dig back to find the original posts! Likewise, it was lovely to be reminded of past projects from familiar bloggers. 
  • The reflections and goals were interesting – a good chance to think about our sewing as a whole, instead of focusing project by project. 
  • By far, the toughest post was the Inspirations – which is funny, because it was the  original motivation for the project! I wanted a chance to thank the people who helped, motivated and inspired us… but I hadn’t thought ahead to how naming some people might make us afraid of hurting others! I think this one has to change!
I’ve been wondering how to change the “Inspirational Blogs and Bloggers” post for next year… Here are a few different ideas that would accomplish the same goal of spreading the bloggy love and recommending new blogs to each other: 
  • 5 Local Bloggers: Introduce us to bloggers in your city/region/country! or 
  • Go say “Thanks!”: Instead of posting a list, go to the other people’s blogs and leave a comment saying, “Thanks for the inspiration and support!” or 
  • 5 online sewing stores/resources/communities that you love to use: I’m always looking for new online fabric stores, or the perfect tutorial for something tricky… This could be a catch-all category of good, useful stuff! or 
  • … I don’t know! Do you have any ideas? 

Help! My brain has run dry… Please let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions!

(Thanks again for joining me in these posts!)

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