Top 5 Sewing Goals for 2013!

Sewing goals for 2013

Happy New Year! I had so much fun sewing in 2012… and learned that for me, rules take the fun out of creating, so I’ve deliberately made these goals achievable and practical!

Here’s goes: 

Sewing goals for 2013

1. Make a basic dress sloper. 

Inspired by the techniques in the new Craftsy course, “Sew the Perfect Fit”, I’m attempting to make myself a well-fitting dress sloper! In fact, I’ve already started… I’m trying so hard to follow all the precise steps for once to get a really great fit! I’m using the Colette Truffle as a basic starting point (minus the ruffle, of course!). I sadly lost the version I had traced and fitted over the year, so I’m starting fresh… and already realising that part of the trouble I had fitting Colette bodices is because I was using a size or two too big! Once I’ve got my sloper ready, I’m looking forward to drafting all kinds of variations for myself!

Sewing goals for 2013

2. Learn more about the fibre content of knits. 

Great knits are hard to find in my neck of the woods, so I’m always tempted to order online… but when I look back over my web purchases, I realise that I’ve almost always been disappointed by what arrives! I need to pay more attention to what I like in RTW clothing and knits that I touch in person, and use that to make more informed purchases online. (Also, if you have any recommendations for great online retailers, let me know in the comments!) 

Sewing goals for 2013

3. Make Leggings!

They only cost about $8 in stores, so I’ve been content enough buying leggings until now… but I’d love to get over my fear of sewing for legs by making some leggings! Maybe something a litle more colourful or fun than I can find in stores? My grade 1’s will like that, even if I do end up looking like a stripey-legged witch! 😉 

Sewing goals for 2013

4. Give it away! 

Now that I’m sewing with knits more than wovens, it’s so fast and easy to finish projects… and I just don’t need that many clothes! Rather than change to more complicated and slow sewing, I’m just going to make sure that I pass on a steady stream of t-shirts and dresses to my mom, sister, and sister-in-law. For starters, I finished a 2nd Tiramisu in half a day, then realised that the bodice stretches to me a bit long for me… so I’m going to find it a new home with someone more endowed! 


5. Take the Seamless Pledge. 

I’ve always admired the idea of Elena’s Seamless Pledge: To avoid fast fashion by promising to make or thrift all new clothing. I wasn’t quite ready to join this past year – After 3 years of being to big for the biggest size in Japanese stores, I was pretty excited to be able to refurbish my wardrobe here in Canada! I have more than enough clothing now though, so I think it’s almost time. It’s partly about frugality for me, and partly about sustainability – both of my sewing output and the environment! 

There we go! I think these goals reflect that fact that I love sewing “cake” – no coats or fancy event dresses for me. Instead, I’m excited to see the me-mades continue taking over my everyday wardrobe!

ps. Can you tell that I’m LOVING doodling on my new iPad? That thing is so fun! 

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