From Fail to Win!

Clunkers, Stinkers, and Complete Failures...

Remember this disasterous unfinished dress? Clearly I should have waited for the Tiramisu to be released, instead of making this McCalls pattern. It’s been balled up in the corner of my sewing room for a month, haunting me… so this morning it because something new! 


A Renfrew! I managed *just* have enough fabric, with a centre back seam from the original dress. I’ve made this pattern a million times, so it was a nice brainless project. 


To make it a bit more fun, I added a bit of lace on the shoulder before sewing all the pieces together. It curves down under the arms a bit, like my Two-Toned Sorbettos from the summer. This is a very basic shirt, but wow, it felt so good to get that ugly UFO out of my sewing room! 

PS. I’m so enjoying reading all the fabulous Top 5 lists going around! if you are joining in, don’t forget to put a link to your blog in the comments here so that other people can  find you! 🙂 

One thought on “From Fail to Win!

  1. This is literally so motivating! Simple yet interesting because of the lace. I’ve got about three “fails” hidden somewhere in my wardrobe and waiting for my mercy. I need to see what I can do with them so that my hard work pays off 😉


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