Bloggers that inspired me in 2012


Wow. This post was much harder to write than I expected! Like many of you, I started worrying that complimenting some people would hurt the feelings of others… Which is obviously not the point! I’m open to suggestions for how we could change up this topic next year to make it easier! 

Nevertheless, here goes… Some of the bloggers that inspired and motivated me in 2012!

The Colette Sewalong ladies: Sarah at Rhinestones and Telephones, Erin at Miss Crayola Creepy, and more recently, Rochelle at Lucky Lucille. And for good measure: Sarai at Colette Patterns for drafting cute dresses that even a beginner could make!

Thank you for hosting the Sewalong. The flickr group offered amazing support as I first started sewing. I checked it every day – I met new bloggy friends – I got all kinds of help, support and encouragement. Thank you. I hope you know that you’ve made a big impact on my life as a sewist! One day I really hope I can dream up a project that will do the same for other would-be-crafters!

Sew Busy Lizzy

Thank you for your bubbly personality that comes out in all of your posts, tweets and comments. I know this was a stressful fall for you, but you always take the time to encourage me and heaps of other bloggers too! Thank you for that! Thank you also for being a true Sewaholic-aholic: I thought I had made a lot of Tasia’s pattern, but you take the cake! I love seeing patterns made up in many different ways, and you do it very well!

Kirsty from Top Notch and Inna from Thewallina

I love reading both of your posts to see just what you’ve made next. Your clothes are never boring, and always just a little more “out-there” than the average blogger… but you still come up with very wearable, very gorgeous clothes! On top of that, you are both really kind and supportive – Thank for that! Inna, I loved doing a swap with you this fall… and Kirsty, I’m determined to make myself at least 1 Liberty garment this year! 

Liza Jane Sews, Andrea from Four Square Walls, and Morgan from Crab and Bee

Ladies, you make everyday “Cake” look so stylish! All three of you sew the kind of clothing that I’d want to wear everyday – and you are kind and generous to boot! Liza Jane, I’d dearly love to come hang out in your garage and do some screen printing and batik… and hey, if you could teach art in my classroom, that would be great, too! You bring art and creativity into sewing in a very unique way. You are going to make a great mama! Andrea, keep up the inspirational pattern hacks and fabulous knits! Morgan, you’ve really nailed your personal style this year – I can’t wait to see what you make next! Thank you all for the comments and encouragement!

My sister Anne, from AnnieBeeKnits
I’m so lucky to have a crafty family! Anne is a perfectionist and a talented knitter and knit designer, who is also really active in her local guild and knitting community. Luckily for me, she’ll also wear anything I make her! Thanks, Anne! 

Last but not least: Want to know who else inspired me this year? Go look at the list of people joining in the the Top 5 listmaking, because WOW! There are some phenomenal blogs and personalities out there!

Thank you to everyone reading for all of your support and encouragement this year. Its amazing to see so many people learning new skills, pushing themselves, and building connections all over the world. Give yourself a pat on the back – You are a wonderful group!

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