My Blogger Kit!

Christmas 2012

The very first blog post that I ever wrote was a thank you to my husband for clearing out the basement to make me a sewing room. He’s always encouraged me to sew, blog and sew some more… so it’s fitting that his Christmas gift to me was all sewing/blogging-themed! 

First up, a gift card to Needlework, my favourite local-ish modern fabric store. I spent a lovely craft night there the other week, and I’m so excited to go back and splurge on fabric!

Next up: A pink polka-dot bathrobe that I helped pick out, and… omg, omg, OMG,  A MUG WITH MY BLOG HEADER!!!!!

Christmas 2012

Squee!!!! Jamie snuck down to the sewing room and took pictures of my fabric from the boarder, and used some pictures from the blog as well. I’m so touched that he thought of this! It will be a great reminder of this blog for years to come!

And then… *jumps up and down* AN iPAD!!!!! 

Christmas 2012

Complete with a stylus that fits on a Sharpie. (Because Sharpies are the best!) I’ve been wishing for an iPad for a few months, but I never though I’d be able to get one. A huge thanks to J’s family for helping make this possible! Wahoo! I’ve barely put it down for two days since I got it. I can’t wait to use it for school, sewing, blogging and fun! 

On top of all of that, my Dad went into a sewing store and asked the women there to pick out all kinds of sewing essentials – the kind of useful things I might not buy myself, like a big thread box, pins, thread, and more. Plus, my mom bought me a flexible ruler for drafting. Sweet! 

A huge thanks to everyone for a wonderful Christmas… and three cheers for my family who are all so supportive. As for Jamie, who just *happened* to get HIMSELF an iPad Sharpie stylus to go with my iPad… well, I guess I’ll just have to share! 😉 

I’m a lucky, lucky, lucky girl. I think I might just go thank everyone again!  

Enough sappiness – I’ll leaveyou with something silly instead! This doofus: Dexter, my In-Law’s English Bulldog! 

Christmas 2012

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