Top 5 Linky Love!

Top 5 of 2012

I’m so blown away by home many people are joining in the Top 5 list-making! I’m really enjoying reading all the posts I can, but I know I’ve missed a few. That got me thinking: If you are doing any kind of Top 5 blog post, why not leave a link to your blog in the comments below?  I love that this project is bringing together well-known bloggers and beginners (my morning squee was waking up to find out we’re being joined by Ms. Put A Cat On It herself, Cation Designs!)  And hey, who doesn’t love to find new blogs to read?!

So go for it: Link to your blog or Top 5 posts in the comments below, and let’s connect and share the love! 

In other news…

(Check out this awesome Lego portrait of my husband and I that he gave me last Christmas! Only a month into blogging at the time, he nailed my sewing machine and laptop. How did he know I’d become so obsessed with sewing this year? )

It’s the first day of winter holidays here, and it *dumped* snow yesterday. It finally looks like we’ll get a white Christmas! I woke up at 6am thinking about sewing. Wannasewwannasewwannasew!!! My brain is tripping over itself with ideas. I hope that you’ve got some quality creative time coming your way too! 

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