Well THAT didn’t work out: My top 5 sewing fails of this year!

Top 5 of 2012

Look, most of the time, blogging is a very positive (and very staged) insight into our sewing. Every once in a while, I like to shake it up with a bit of a reality check. Nothing everything turns out the way I hope! (Shocking, I know! :P) Here are some of the finish garments I made that just never get worn!


1. Colette Sorbetto

Guys! Look! This is my very first piece of clothing that I sewed in about a decade. I was so nervous about using a pattern, and so proud when I finished. Sewing this gave me the confidence to join the Colette Sewalong, which in turn made me the garments obsessed blogger I am today! With all of that background, I really don’t care that this top gapes at the neck and is too short. The only thing that makes me feel guilty when I see it in the closet is the cute Echino-covered buttons I added. Maybe I should put them on something else? 

This photo from Me-Made May/Japanese for Crafters is the only pic I seem to have of this top, from one of two times I made myself wear it!

Colette Meringue skirt - Full

2. Colette Meringue Skirt

This was the second piece of clothing I made when I got back into sewing. Meringue was the first pattern in the sewalong. I’m actually pretty proud of it! It’s lined, I love the fabric, and I think the ricrac trim is cute. But oh man, I just wouldn’t wear a skirt that sits so low on the hips these days! Looking back, I can really see my pre-sewing style about to morph into what I love now, and this skirt just got lost in the mix. I could take an inch or two off the sides and make it sit higher, but it would get pretty short at the same time! 

Cambie Dress, Version 1!

3. Sewaholic Cambie

Made from a bedsheet, worn for the photoshoot, and tossed on the floor to rot. It’s not me, and it just doesn’t fit well! Fail, fail, fail. 

Alma Blouse

4.  Sewaholic Alma

Honest truth? I haven’t worn this once. i might dig it out in the warmer weather… maybe. I love the double gauze in threory, but the sleeve cuffs mean I can’t wear it under sweaters, and the stupid neckline and contrasting dickie-effect drive me nuts!  (I do love the pattern though!) 

Self-drafted Dolman shirts

5. Self-drafted Dolman

This is a much more recent make, and one of a bunch of knit fails I blogged about lately. I had to include it again here though because it’s just that awful! I brought it as a pyjama top to my in-laws last weekend, and was embarrased to wear it! 

Phew! That was harder than I thought! I have some really bad UFOs I could have thrown in… and some slightly=unflattering but still practical garments that get worn… but I guess the good news is that I like most of what I sew! 

Next up in the Top 5 Lists is Lessons Learned… could be profound, could be silly, could be practical tips about technique – depends on each persons interpretation!  Thank you so much to all the people playing along – I’m enjoying your posts so much, and I hope you are enjoying writing them too!

*added later*

ps. If we do the Top 5 lists again next, year, I’m going to change this “fail” topic. I didn’t mean for it to make us sound like we are trash-talking our bodies or sewing skills… In truth, I was just curious which clothes don’t get worn!  Can anyone suggest a snappy title for that kind of category? “Fail” is too severe!

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