Top 5 Favourite/Most Worn Clothes of 2012!

Top 5 of 2012

It’s Top 5 time! (Don’t know what I mean? Look back at my post here.) I’m starting off with the good stuff: My top 5 favourite or most worn clothes of the year! 

Looking back, I really can’t believe that I only started (restarted?) sewing garments back in late January. I mean, just 18 months ago, my sister’s speech at our wedding involved a silly anecdote about how *badly* my sewing projects turned out in highschool… but how much fun I had making them! It’s totally true – I always loved sewing, but found patterns really intimidating,and would do anything to avoid them. What a difference a year can make!

Without further ado, in no particular order, my top 5 projects!

1. The Workhorse: Colette Peony

OWOP: Day 6

This dress is cake – everyday, easy dressing. It is also the second dress I ever made! It’s nothing fancy (no zipper, just pulls on) but it’s also got some good touches, like piping at the neck, a lined skirt, and pockets! I wear dresses like this one to work at least a couple times a week, and thanks to sewing, this has really become my signature style: cute patterned dress, tights, belt and cardi! What more could a girl need?

2. The Everyday Dress-Up: Colette Truffle

Time for a spot of tea!

I made this pattern twice… and I’m thinking of whipping up another before Christmas. The Truffle pattern was part of the Colette Sewalong, which played a huge role in giving me the confidence to sew clothes. This one is made of turquoise seersucker, and really feels like *me*. It fits just the way I like: snug, but not tight, and skimming right over my lumps and bumps! It’s fully lined with an invisible zipper. I’ve worn it to work, and I’ve worn it to parties… It’s the kind of everyday-pretty dress that I’ve made over and over this year!

3. The Frosting: Parfait Maxi Dress

Colette Parfait dress, turned maxi!

I’ve only worn this dress a few times, but I love it! It makes me feel pretty but completely comfortable, which is an empowering combination. The pattern was a bit more complicated than I usually sew, so it feels like an accomplishment!

4. The Beginning of Something New: The Renfrew

MMM15 / Japanese for Crafters

This shirt in itself is nothing special, and really doesn’t get worn much.. but it’s a landmark project. My first time sewing with knits, my first project on my new serger, and my first Sewaholic pattern! I’ve now made more than 10 versions of this pattern – and countless knit projects. I’m so glad I got over my fears and gave knits a try! Speaking of which…

5. The Way Forward: Sweater-Knit Cardigans

sweater collage

For the first half of the year, I made cute dress after cute dress… but this fall, I’ve been all about comfort and more modern shapes. I wear both of these sweaters at least once a week, and really enjoy them. It’s so nice to be able to make cosy clothes for winter! It’s nice to be able to throw on jeans and sweater, but still feel like myself in me-made clothing!

Phew! That’s was tough! I figure that this year I’ve made about 1 garment a week, which means I had a whole lot to choose from. Before I started writing this post, I assumed I’d have more stand-out favourites… but in fact, most of the ones I’ve chosen are symbolic of a whole series of makes. I’ve made them all in so many versions that this list is really more about my favourite patterns than my favourite garments! 

What about you? Do you make the same patterns over and over, and love them all? Or do you take your time crafting individual, beautiful pieces?

It’s not to late to join in and post your own Top 5 lists before the New Year! Grab the logo here and get writing! 🙂 

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