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Top 5 of 2012

I admit, I was a little nervous last week when I posted about my plans for Top 5 Lists of 2012. I mean, what if no one joined me? What if you all said, “Uh, someone else already planned that, silly?” Luckily, you are all lovely as always, and I’m thrilled that at least 10-15 of you are going to join in! 🙂 Thank you!

In fact, I’m so excited about it that I think I’m going to start posting my lists this week! I mean, why save all the fun for a crowded series of posts between Christmas and New Years when I could spread it out? (Lazy blogging, hello!) 

To review, here are the Top 5 lists I suggested we write: 

  • Top 5 Favourite Creations (most worn, or most loved!)
  • Top 5 Sewing Fails (UFOs, worn once, or complete disasters!) 
  • Top 5 Lessons Learned (either practical tricks and techniques, or life lessons) 
  • Top 5 Blogs and Bloggers that Inspire
  • Top 5 Goals for the New Year 
If you are joining in, you can grab the graphic here. I’m going to start with my 5 favourite creations, but you could start anywhere, really. I’m very curious to read everyones posts – I’m dying to know which creations never to worn after the first photoshoot, and which ones are in heavy rotation! 
In other news, here’s a bit of selfish sewing I did on the weekend… 

weekend makes

A half-finished Washi dress, two jersey infinity scarves for me, and an appliqued wool lap rug as a gift!

It’s been a tough week, so I’m very glad it will be weekend soon. I hope your holiday season is shaping up to be relaxing and fun!

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