Top 5 of 2012: Will you join me in celebrating this past year in sewing?

I’ve been blogging for a year – and I feel so lucky to have stumbled into this wonderful, supportive community! Blogging has made me more motivated in my sewing, and more confident in myself. It has completely changed my sense of personal style, and connected me to all of you inspirational people. It’s almost 2013, and I think it’s time to celebrate! 

Top 5 of 2012

Here’s my proposal: Let’s take time to look back on the past year of our blogs by posting a series of Top 5 lists leading up to New Year!  You might post just one big list, or separate posts, or just join in on a few of the topics… It’s up to you and your schedule. 

Let’s write about our Top 5 from each category: 

  • Top 5 Favourite Creations (most worn, or most loved!)
  • Top 5 Sewing Fails (UFOs, worn once, or complete disasters!) 
  • Top 5 Lessons Learned (either practical tricks and techniques, or life lessons) 
  • Top 5 Blogs and Bloggers that Inspire
  • Top 5 Goals for the New Year 
As a blogger, sometimes we pressure ourself to constantly have some new to show. The teacher in me says that we have to take time to reflect and learn before we can move forward. (Besides, a blog post is just the beginning of the life of a me-made garment – and being a little nosy, I’d love to know the rest of the story!)
I’m planning on posting my Top 5 lists between Christmas and New Years, and I’d really love if you joined me. If you are interested, you can grab the “logo” from my flickr profile, and spread the word! 

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