Cosy Clothes for Winter

It’s happened, folks… the snow has started staying on the ground. Winter is officially beginning, and it’s high time I start dressing like it! I’ve got a few long-sleeved t-shirts planned, to replace the tank-tops I’ve been wearing under cardigans. In the mean time though, here’s my first warm outfit of the season!

Cozy clothes for winter

A flannelette Scout Tee, and a much-modified McCalls cardigan! (Also, check out my chunky wool knee socks which did a great job keeping my toes warm.) I made these up last weekend, and it turned out they were perfect for sitting in the freezing cold hospital room this week! Somehow if didn’t seem *quite* appropriate to ask my husband to take pictures from the hospital bed though… 😛

Cozy clothes for winter

I’m a big fan out the Grainline Scout Tee, so when I planned to make a second version I looked high and low for a flannel that would drape enough for this top. I thought it would be the perfect comfy winter shirt. (Hello, pyjamas you can wear outside the house? Yes please!) The fabric was great to sew with, and it’s comfy to wear… but somehow between the loosely woven fabric, the scooped neckline, and the loose hemline, it actually lets in a lot of drafts! Which is why I’m glad that it just happens to match my next make…

Cozy clothes for winter

This is my third version of McCalls M5890, made up with a navy sweater knit. This time, I traced the draped panels off a RTW sweater I like, and redrafted the front. It’s hard to explain, but instead of the front panel folding back on itself to make the collar, this one has a wide folded band sewn behind the neck and down the front. It makes for a heavier drape, but also a warmer sweater. It also has a longer drape in the front and longer sleeves, compared to the original pattern.

For reference, here are my first two versions, out of the same sweater knit in pink, and a blue jersey: 

Sewn Cardigans with McCalls 5890

I wear the pink version quite a bit, and I’ve already worn the new blue version 3 or 4 times. I’m debating making it one more time in a grey-and-navy stripe sweater knit… or should I make a Renfrew sweater instead? Decisions, decisions! 

Oh, and can you tell my current winter “uniform”? Patterned shirt, solid cardigan, and slightly-skinny coloured jeans. (Seriously, I own stretchy jeans in black, grey, red and turquoise, and I almost never reach for my blue jeans anymore!) I just dug my winter clothes out of the basement, and there is are a lot of clothes that I’ll never reach for now that I have a me-made wardrobe. Time to donate to charity!

What is your go-to clothing this season? Do you have a handmade wardrobe for every season, or is it heavy on summer and short on winter like me?

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