My little sewing box is sharing some secrets…

Sewing History

Remember this sewing box that I posted about yesterday? Well, through the wonders of the internet, my om, who bought it for me, has found out some more about it’s original owner! Double thanks, Mom!

Sewing History

  • As I showed you before, there is a name and date on the bottom. Well, Mom has found an obituary for Violet, and it seems she passed away earlier this year – on my birthday! Mom found the box in a second-hand shop just a few months later. Maybe I’m a hoarder, but I just can’t believe that her family gave it away for sale! Their loss, my gain, and it’s certainly found a happy new home. 
  • Interestingly, Violet was born in 1928, so she would have been 11 when this was painted. Mom thinks that since it’s dated to December 23rd, it was likely a Christmas gift. When I was 11, I love painting and decoupaging little boxes, but mine were never this nice! It doesn’t look like the work of a child to me, so a gift certainly makes sense!
  • I wonder who it was from? Mother, sister, friend… She kept it all her life, so it must have been treasured. And where would the blank box come from? Nowadays it’s easy to get little wooden boxes at the dollar store – but what about in ‘39? 
  • As for the poppy, a little more poking around revealed that Violet’s older brother was in the military. He would have been to young to enlist at the start of WW2, but he came of age during the war. I’m happy to report that he lived a long life, just like Violet!

That’s more than enough obsessing from me – but it has been really fun and satisfying to be able to find out a little more about this little treasure. I doubt that my grandchildren will be looking back at my plastic thread box in 80 years with quite the same nostalgia, but who knows? 

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