Renfrew: The pattern that keeps on giving

Folks, can you believe that a year ago the Renfrew hasn’t even been realeased? I checked – It came out in January 2012. That means that in the 10 months that it’s been out, I’ve a) started making clothes, b) started sewing knits, thanks to this pattern, and c) made more than 10 Renfrews of different descriptions? Now that’s a $20 pattern that’s worth buying! 

Which brings me to my latest incarnation: The Renfrew Dress!

Renfrew Dress!

Inspired by the the lovely Andrea’s tank dress, of course, but more winter-appropriate! The black and white fabric of the main body is a scrap of double-knit that I got in the remnant bin for $3.60, and the sleeves and neck-binging are from a little piece of bamboo knit that has been in my stash for years. I thought the light-weight sleeves would fit better under a cardigan… plus, I thought a dress entirely out of a graphic print might be a bit much! 

It’s a total sack without a belt, so I’m wearing one of my reversible elastic+fabric belts, like I made for sale here. It made for a super comfortable outfit – easy to move in, never needed tugging into place, and the skirt is long enough that I’m decent when I sit on the floor with students! Next time I wear it, I’m looking forward to trying a colourful belt and bright cardigan. 

As you can tell, I ended up taking pictures in front of the garage again… that’s because when my husband and I leave for work in the morning, it’s still dark inside the house… and when we get home, it’s dark everywhere! I’m so grateful to my husband for being ready and willing to snap pics as we are heading out – So how could I complain when EVERY SINGLE PICTURE came out blurry, except one? We’re realists here though, so here they are in their early-morning, crap-it’s-snowing glory…

Renfrew Dress!

Yup! His goal as photograph is always to make me relax and laugh, which this morning meant growling out all kinds of barking noises… which was very effective. Even now these pics make me grin! 

As for the boring details… Here are the pics I shot in car! 

Renfrew Dress!

Ruched sleeves: Used clear elastic. I’ve never tried this before, but it’s a RTW detail that i like!

Hem: Steam-a-seamed this sucker, and stitched on top with tricot stich. Easy peasy, and it hasn’t stretched out. 

Neckband: Ummm… yup, it’s there! The bamboo knit has a LOT of stretch, so I had to cut it much shorter than in the pattern. 

Skirt: I just drew it out in an a-line from where it flares at the hips. 

And that’s that! There will be more of these dresses in my future, so myself and for my Mom, who admired mine. 

Last thoughts: We talked before about what we hoped Colette would release (and were partly right, I think), but what do you hope Tasia will create next? I think her genius comes in creating RTW-type classics that are perfectly drafted. I’d love a cardigan pattern, or a knit blazer… How about you? 

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