Quick Project, Quick Post!

Grainline Scout Woven Tee

I made a Grainline Scout Woven Tee! And the pattern is just as great as everyone says.

Grainline Scout Woven Tee

Even though is has no darts, it fits better than any of my Sorbettos. There is a perfect amount of ease across the back shoulders, and the sleeves aren’t restricting. Of course, loose shirt are never the most figure-flattering… but I’m loving them this year anyway! The neckline is a nice size… open, but not anywhere close to revealing! 

Grainline Scout Woven Tee

It only took about 2 hours to whip this up, including taping together the pattern. I used two 1m cuts of Japanese quilting cotton that I bought on Etsy. The front is little roses, and the back in mini strawberries! A little more twee than I usually choose, but it does make for a fun outfit with my pink jeans. 

Speaking of which, remember when I posted last spring about how I wear and love pull on “mom” jeans? Basically, my favourite pants are all stretchy pull-ons with a wide band at the top that sits at the true waist and keeps everything neat and tidy. (Let’s be honest: Like maternity pants for the non-pregnant!) Well, I bought these cheap coloured jeans at Walmart for $12, but they were WAY to low-cut and created the inevitable muffin-top look! Time for a quick mod into my favourite matronly style!

Modified jeans - From low-rise to pull-on!

I ripped out the button (makes a bump through shirts), and sewed them closed… then added on a shaped wide waistband above the original. It’s two layers: Outer waistband and facing, both made of the same stretch denim which just happened to match! As you can see, they now sit much higher, which means I’m safe from wardrobe malfunctions. They sit smoothly all the way up and stay in place, so no more muffin-top where they slip down and cut into my ample tummy. It’s not exactly fashion-forward, I know, nor something I’d wear if I were single and going on a first date… but it makes them much more practical for my body shape and my lifestyle! (These pink pants are also going to be part of my Hallowe’en costume this year!)

Now that I’ve made my first Woven Tee, I’d love to make more out of some drapey challis… but it started snowing today, so that might just have to wait for next summer!

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