So bad at blogging.

Lately I’ve been completely unmotivated to actually sit down and write a post. I’ve been sewing a bit, and I’ve even got photos for a few projects edited and ready to go… but I just never have the energy to write anything creative! But then the stress of not posting eventually outweighs the stress of writing, and voila! A post is born. 

OK, remember when I posted about buying a whole bunch of new knitwear patterns to try? Well, I tried one of them… and again… and again! Here are a couple of the finished versions of McCalls M5890.

Sewn Cardigans with McCalls 5890

The blue is made in a lightweight t-shirt jersey, and the pink is my first project with seater knit. The great thing about this pattern is that it only takes just ver 1m of fabric, and it’s quick to cut and sew together. The bad news is that figuring out how to finish all the edges with different fabrics is a b*@#&!

Sewn Cardigans with McCalls 5890

The cuffs were easy to do with iron-on knit staytape, and a fold over hem, but the front drape and bottom hem were a real pain. It need to drape nicely, so it can’t be stiff… and the sweater knit has terrible stretch recovery, so once a hem is stretched, it warped and rumpled instead of returning to a flat edge. In the end, I just did a lightening stitch zigzag about 1cm away from the edge, and called it a day – but not before I made an emergency trip to the fabric store just before closing to seriously consider buying $12 of serger thread just to finish my cardigan made with $5 fabric! 

Sewn Cardigans with McCalls 5890

My only problem with the pattern is that I don’t really like how the front part drapes. It is a continuation of the front bodice piece, which is supposed to fold over into a collar. On me though, it doesn’t really fold back. Instead, all the extra fabric creates a loose tent all the way to the armpits. In my dreams, somehow this sweater would be a little more form-fitting at the side seams to give a bit of shape. I added the tabs on the blue on to give it a bit of shape. (Though in the pictures it’s all to obvious that I was stretching the sweater closed to hide the fact that my bright pink bra is showing through my shirt! Must be more careful when throwing on random clothes at the end of the day for a quick photo shoot! :P)

On the other hand, these are perfectly practical, comfy clothes, which fit well into what I WANT to wear this fall. (All my cotton Colette dresses are hanging unloved and unironed in my closet, and I can’t say I miss them!) Comfy is winning over cute this year.  

With that in mind, I’ve decided not to sew a Peony for the Sew-Along… I realised after my couple of posts about the Peony that I’ve actually made it FOUR times, and that is quite enough! 

I’d definitely recommend this pattern, though – It’s quick and satisfying, and everyone needs more cardigans, right?! 

FInally, I just want to say thanks to all of you people that I’ve never net for being so encouraging and supportive through the blogosphere. It’s be a really tough fall for me, but sewing blogs always help to distract and relax in the evenings! I think a lot of us sometimes feel like we aren’t posting enough – but what I’d really like to say is, thanks for reading and being supportive when I do!

How is your fall going? Do you feel guilty if you don’t post often? Why do you think we feel that way? Let’s think of a more healthy way to frame that thought! 🙂 

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