There’s been some chatter online lately about project photos, and whether they realistically show our handsewn creations. (Read more here or here!) Well, folks, it doesn’t get any more real than this: 

Sewaholic Alma dress in Washi fabric

No make-up, wet hair, getting dressed on a dark morning on the way to work. (Oh yeah, and as a bonus: Out of focus! :P)

I wish I could do better, but the truth is that these are the only pics I’ve managed to take of this dress, and that’s ok. I’m busy – We all are, right? So for now, I figure that it’s enough that I made a dress (even though it took a month to finish!), and it was a pleasure to wear! 

Sewaholic Alma dress in Washi fabric

(Look! As always, I was too lazy to iron out the centre crease!)

This is actually a lined, knee-length version of the Sewaholic Alma blouse, which I made here and here. I love this pattern, but I did have some problems making it as a dress. First of all, the sleeves are just gigantic! I made up some cute sleeves with a scalloped edge (like the Macaron), but when I attached them, they were far too huge in circumference. I ditched them in the end and made it sleeveless – which actually makes it more comfortable to wear with cardigans. As a dress, it really needed a swayback adjustment… but of course, I found that out the hard way. That’s part of the reason I abandoned it for so long unfinished. Eventually, I just sewed a horizontal tuck in the back, and decided that a cardigan would hide the problem! Cardigans: a lazy sewist’s saviour!

Sewaholic Alma dress in Washi fabric

I skipped the zip again, and the result is a loose-fitting shift. I made a belt, but I actually really liked wearing it loose! After all, when fabric is this cute, who really cares if you have a defined waist? This is my first Peter Pan collar, which was a fun excuse to use a contrast fabric from the same line. I loved this Washi tape print so much when I got it that I ordered some of the grey floral straightaway. I can’t wait for Rashida’s next line, Tsuru, to come out this winter! 

There we have it: a realistic post from a busy blogger. (Except that of course, I tweeked these photos. I mean, I’ll give you honest photos, but they don’t have to be completely dark, dim and boring, right?) I’ve got a few more projects finished or in progress, with hopefully more complete photos coming up in the next week or two! 

Tell me the honest truth: Have you ever put a completely unedited photo on your blog? If so, please teach me your photography tricks, because you must be taking better photos in camera than I do! 

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