What I love: Cracked.com Videos

Have you ever read Cracked.com? It’s a great time waster… You know, for eating lunch at your desk and need something to entertain you for a couple of minutes? Cracked is great for that! (For example: 6 things from history everyone pictures incorrectly, or 5 ridiculous movie sound effects

My favourite part of the website though is a video series called “After Hours” by some of the writers.

Check it out:

Clever, witty, AND geeky? Sign me up! 

Here are some other topics they’ve done: 

Also awesome? Katie Willert, the woman in the After Hours videos, also have her own series, featuring gems like this one 

I get really weird looks from people when I reference videos like this in real life… So I hope you enjoy them and don’t give me the “OMG, that’s really pathetically nerdy!” look!

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