Thewallina is Thewonderful!

I’m a lucky, lucky girl… because look what I got in the mail!

Swapping some sewing goodies!

A package of fabric from Inna at! All the way from Japan… very nostalgic! And look – she even put autumn leaf stickers on the envelope. Seasonal stationary is huge in Japan… ok, let’s be honest. Anything that ups the cute factor is big in Japan! 😉 

I first saw Inna’s blog when she offered to host the Pacific timezone Twitter chat for one of Tilly’s Sewing Social Twitter chats. I really admire her modern style – sometimes it’s nice to see something other than (really cute) retro-inspired sewing! Anyway, we started chatting a bit, and decided to do a little swap. I’ve got all of her things ready but haven’t mailed them yet… Mailing parcels is somehow a bit of a phobia with me, but dammit, I can’t be scared of the post-office, can I? 

Here’s what she sent me: 

Swapping some sewing goodies!

Check out the sheerness of the lawn! It’s so fine… I can’t wait to make a summer dress out of it! It’s a lovely tomato red bandana-style print. Appropriately enough, it comes from one of my favourite Japanese fabric stores, Tomato! They have about 4 or 5 different locations in the fabric district, each specializing in a different thing. There the home dec shop, the notions store, a 5-story narrow building with different types of fabric on each floor, and my favourite: the outlet store. (That’s where I got 10m of double gauze for $1/m before I even knew what double gauze was!) The Japanese use the word “natsukashii” a lot to describe things that are fondly nostalgic, and all the Japanese packaging is definitely natsukashii!

But wait! There’s more! PERVY POST-ITS! 

Swapping some sewing goodies!

Seriously, could you get more Japanese than these? Teeny cute post-its of a skirt… and when you peel the last one off you see her pink polka-dot panties! (literally, in the text says “cute pants”!) Clearly aimed at women who love all things cute… but with a hint of the Japanese sukebe (pervert) culture. Inna could probably translate better than me, but the text underneath seems to say that was you take off the skirts, you heart will race or pound! Thank you, Inna, for the perfect reminder of both why I love Japanese goods (so cute and unexpected!) and why I’m happy not to live there forever (hello, rampant sexism!) 

Thank you so much, Inna, for the lovely parcel! I’ll try to get yours in the mail soon!

In the mean time: How should I use my skirt post-its? Creative or silly ideas appreciated! 😛

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