What I love: Bob Ross and the Joy of Painting

If you are North American, chances are you know the soothing tones and cheesy landscape paintings of Bob Ross’s tv series, The Joy of Painting. If not, here’s a little musical tribute that says it all! 

All those platitudes and little says are no joke – that’s exactly how he talks. And it’s mesmerizing!

I don’t know what it is about Bob Ross, but I swear, watching his videos is as good as meditating. Calming relaxing, motivating… it’s a miracle of cheesy art and cheap public television!

Brits, Aussies and others, have you heard of Bob Ross? Does anyone else have memories of being entranced by his shows? What other 80’s show are you nostalgic for?

Remember, folks: There are no mistakes, only happy accidents. Add some happy little clouds… Add a happy little tree. This is your world – You create it! 

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