New Patterns to Try!

Few things are sure in life – death, taxes, and everyone catching colds as soon as we get back to school! So instead of sewing, I’ve been curling up under as many duvets as possible as soon as I get home from work. I started feeling a little better today though, and celebrated with a trip to the fabric store! 

I bought some $3/m navy knit to make a shirt, and $5/m navy sweater knit to try drafting a draped cardigan. It actually felt good to buy basics. (Who am I?) And even more out of character, I bought PATTERNS! And we’re not talking Colette here: McCalls, baby! 

I’ve only sewn with one Big 4 pattern before: New Look 6022… but I’m determind to make comfy, practical clothes for teaching, and until Cake launches the Tiramisu pattern, I figured McCalls would do just fine. 

#1: M5974

This one has heaps of reviews on Pattern Review, and won as one of the top patterns of 2010. That’s got to be good, right? I’m nervous about hemming and edging on knits – The only way I’m confident is using folded bands like on the Renfrew. But I’m ready to try:  I got some knit stay tape from Sunni and I bought some clear elastic today, so I’m hoping those help!

I like the wrap dress version, but I think the scoop neck is more, uh, practical for me! Here’s a picture of a WIP from Flickr: 

McCall's M5974

Basic, but I think it has promise! 

#2: M5890

This is another really basic pattern that I think has potential. Here’s what it really looks like: 

I like princess seams in wovens, but it seems a little fiddly in a knit? I’m curious to give it a shot. I’ve been look for a draped cardigan pattern that isn’t too long or too heavily draped, and I think this one might work. 

For inspiration, here’s the cardi in a stripe by Mindless Indulgences

And a bright version by Lindsay Tyler on Flickr

Teal knit jacket

The strange thing is that there are NO reviews of this pattern on Pattern Review, and I can’t find anyone who has blogged about making the dress! It’s a bit of a mystery: Is something wrong with the pattern? Is it just so boring-basic that no one is making it? Or am I looking in the wrong place? Maybe I’m just used to indie patterns with an active blogger following?

When you buy a new pattern, do you research it first? How influenced are you by online reviews? And have you had any good or bad experiences with McCall’s patterns? 

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