What I love: Historical Documentaries

While school is starting, I’m keeping the blog fires burning with a few posts about my nerdy interests beyond sewing. I’m hoping that you’ll share a few favourites of your own! 

Above: Historian Lucy Worsley in costume. 

 I think it’s fair to say that most sewists are inspired by beautiful clothes from the past. Beyond simply lusting for the Downton Abbey costumes though, I think sewing builds a real connection to the lives of women in generations past, when handwork was a necessity and not a luxury or hobby. I’ve always loved history, and I’ll watch pretty much any historical documentary I can get my hands on! (British though, not American… Something about American docs tends to swing into superlative, overdramamic schlock really fast!) 

One of my current faves is anything by Dr. Lucy Worsley. She is Chief Curator of Historic Royal Palaces in London, which includes places like the Tower of London and Kensington Palace. She looks at history through the little details in life, which for me is much more interesting than grand battles and royal decrees. Here’s an example from a series where she explores the development of different rooms in the house from medieval to the present:  

There are plenty of YouTube videos of her work, including: 

It took me a while to warm to her rather distinct style, but what I love about her is that she is genuinely geeking out for history. It’s clear she really loves history, and wants you to love it too! 

Are you a history buff too? Are you particularly interested in one era, or do you love it all? Would you rather get your history fix through fiction or non-fiction? (Me, I love both!) 

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