In the Mood

Have you checked out Mood’s website recently? I think they must have updated it… because it’s suddenly *almost* user-friendly! Still a bit odd to use… but look at the splash page for the Fashion Fabric Section! 

A complete overview of each kind of fabric! Just click on the picture to shop for that type of fabric. It’s a real treasure trove of info for a new sewist like me – I mean, I’ve heard of so many kinds of fabric, but sometimes it’s hard to really understand the different qualities of each type. 

Case in point: Has anyone else been puzzling over the difference between lawn and voile? I know they are both lighter than quilting cotton. I have sewn with fabric meeting that description, but I never knew just what it was… but now I do! Thanks, Mood!

Mystery solved! 

Do you have any sewing mysteries yet to solve?

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