Alma, Part Deux

Alma Blouse

This pattern has passed my ultimate test: I can make one in a single sitting before lunch! It didn’t turn out exactly as I planned, but that’s ok!

Alma Blouse

This is my second Sewaholic Alma, make with 1.5m of Japanese double gauze. I only paid $4 for this piece, but I never knew quite what to make with it. It’s reversible, with gingham on one side, and a red, cream and blue stripe on the other side. From across a room though, the stripe just looks like a washed-out pale pink, which is really unflattering on me! The warm tone of the cream isn’t great for my skin tone, so this blouse was a bit doomed from the start… but dang it! Double Gauze demands to be used! It’s so cosy and soft that it’s like wearing flannel pyjamas. 

Alma Blouse

To begin with, I thought I’d alter the pattern to make the v-notch deeper. Of course, after I sewed the facings on, it turned out to be too deep for comfort! I couldn’t just pull the two sides of the notch together (no one needs a third bust darts!) so I ended up sewing a little dickie on the contrast stripe behind the notch. 

Alma Blouse

And THAT made it look like a frumpy art smock! 

When in doubt, add distraction: Covered buttons! 

Alma Blouse

I also took the blouse in, and added a contrast cuff to the sleeves. 

Alma Blouse

So there you have it: Lots of problem solving, and still a quick make! I’ll definitely wear it, but it’s a little off. My husband thinks the sleeve cuffs are weird… I think it might be the buttons that are strange? Or maybe the colour was always going to make me a bit washed out?

These two Almas did get me thinking more about buying fabrics that will make me look good. I tend to buy fabric that I love, without thinking too much about how the colour and pattern will look on me. I end up with clothes that I love, but not always clothes that really flatter! (Seriously, does a dress covered in pieces of washi tape flatter? Nope! It’s still awesome fabric though, and I’m going to love that dress when it’s done!) I’m trying to stear away from black these days, and use navy instead… and looking for bright whites instead of naturals or light grey. I’ll still buy fabric I love, but I’m finding it fun to have a few more guidelines!

How about you? Do you consciously pick warm/cool tones and bright/muted colours to suit your complexion? Or do you buy whatever colours/prints strike your fancy?

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