Still here!

School started this week, and man oh man, it is EXHAUSTING! I’m using every little speck of my creativity to keep my class engaged (seriously, the attention span of Grade 1’s is about 7min tops!) and there’s nothing left for sewing. Even though things are going well at school, I’m just worn out. Last night, I was too sleepy to drive safely by 9:30pm! How lame is that?!

Not to mention that I’ve had 2 versions of the Alma blouse done and photographed for over a week, but I can’t find the energy to blog. Eish. Thanks for bearing with me through my pre-written blog posts this week, and thanks especially to those who linked to their fav animals videos for me! They really cheered me up. 

Today I was determined to sew something simple just for fun. I settled on some zippered pouches using some newer fabrics from my stash:

pouches for real

I’ve made so many of these that I thought it would be automatic – but I kept finding new ways to mess up! I miss-cut one piece, completely lost (and never found!) another… sewed one of the darts wrong, and had trouble topstitching along the zippers! In the end, I recut the lost piece, and they turned out just fine! I’ll use them to hold my girly stuff at school. 😉 The little robot applique is from the dollar store in Japan, and I’ve been waiting to use it for a few years. I’m happy it has a home! 

My other “crafty” project of the day was writing out 250 sight word cards for my class! 


What tasks do you have at work that draw on your creative side?

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