What I love: Kitten videos!

School has started, and I’m spending my day surrounded by 20 Grade 1’s! It’s the youngest homeroom class that I’ve ever had, so there’s a steep learning curve for us all! While I’m figuring things out at school, I’ll probably be doing a little less sewing in the evenings (and a lot more collapsing on the couch!) 

To keep the blog going, I’m scheduling some non-sewing posts. (Yes, I’m writing this in July, because planning for the blog is far less stressful than planning for school!)  One of the things that fascinated me about the blogging community is how our nerdy interests extend far beyond sewing. In this series I’m going to be sharing a few of the other things that make me grin or giggle: historical documentaries, nerdy social commentary, and internet memes galore! I’m hoping that you’ll share some of your favs in return. 


Let’s start it off with a classic: A Den of Kittens!

The purring! The endless kittens! THE CUTENESS! I freely admit that I watch kitten videos when i’m feeling blue, and they cheer my up every time. I dare you not to smile.

So, ‘fess up: Do you lurve the internet animals? Do you have a favourite to share with the rest of us?  

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