When sergers attack…

Yesterday I posted about my new Maca-ny Peo-ron dress, and you were all very kind in telling me not to stress about copying one pattern with another! Thank you for that. 

A couple of people also said that they couldn’t really see the hole my serger made in the back bodice… but believe me, it’s there! My serger accident happened right at the end – after I’d I’m finished, actually! It was all done, but I thought Id just tidy up the waist by serging the seam… and voila!

(Oh, look! You can also see where my staystitching on the skirt hasn’t been removed or hidden in the seam! Classy!)

There was no way I could replace the whole back panel, so as I said yesterday, I just steam-a-seamed a patch from the inside and zigzagged the edge with vaguely matching thread. I’m not sure how it will fare in the wash… but I’ll find out soon enough!

Have you done this sort of thing before? How did you fix it? I’m sure it will happen to me again, so I’d love some advice! 

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